As you drive down 35 into downtown Xenia, do you ever wonder if you have enough car insurance to protect you, your family, and your personal assets?

That’s a question Greene County Insurance can offer the proper advice and affordable coverage for. When you are carrying too little car insurance, that next turn down by the courthouse could be a disaster in the middle of the winter. Hitting the brakes to park down by the local shoe shop could be a disaster. If you aren’t insured properly you could be putting you and your family at risk of not only facing uncovered injuries, but losing your personal assets as well.

Car damage to the body or windows can be covered for dollars a day.

When people have too little, they are not going to get much back in the way of repair payments. The car might be repaired, but it might not be repaired very well. Also, the insurance policy may not offer very much money if the car is deemed a total loss.

Injuries to anyone inside your car is a very small investment.

If you’ve ever known anyone who sustained injuries in a car accident, or experienced injuries yourself, you can see value in this coverage instantly. Don’t underestimate what this coverage can provide for you if you are injured in an accident. It is a small investment and offers a much larger piece of mind when accidents do happen.

Rental Coverage is available to keep you on the go.

Will you need a rental car if you experience a loss? If you do not carry rental car coverage on your insurance policy you could be left without a vehicle. When you have a job, family and obligations that require transportation you might want to stop and think how this will be possible if you are left without a vehicle. Rental car coverage can help fill this gap.

Liability Coverage will protect your family and personal assets.

Before you consider lower liability limits, you may want to speak with a member of our Greene County Insurance team to ensure that your personal assets are covered properly. If not, you could be among the individuals who are involved in an at fault accident and sued for the damages caused. Liability coverage is there to protect you and your family’s assets!

Contact Greene County Insurance today for a FREE assessment of your insurance needs. We invite you to our office for a face to face visit or we can make the recommendations over the phone if you prefer. We want you to drive with confidence. A quality insurance policy will help whether it’s a fender bender on Detroit Avenue or a major collision elsewhere. We have the option to shop several different companies so we can meet the price you are happy with while providing coverage that will protect you and your family!