Insurance is an absolute for any of us to be able cover financial losses we can’t afford.  Auto insurance pays to replace a car after an accident.  Homeowners coverage pays to rebuild your home after a fire, tornado or other major storm.  Renters insurance pays to replace property stolen after a break-in.    Commercial insurance protects businesses from a host of risks.  And life and health insurance pays for medical and end-of life costs that we don’t like to think about – but must.  Finding an insurance policy to buy is easy — but the right coverage at the right price requires also finding a professional you can trust.  After all, an insurance policy is a legal document – and the wrong one can be costly no matter the price.   At Greene County Insurance, we make the process simple and straightforward to make sure you get the coverage and value you need and have every right to expect.

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At Greene County Insurance, we are always on the lookout for ways to make the insurance process easier.  Now, Ohio individuals, families, and business owners can oversee their policies with us at the click of a button. Need your auto insurance ID? Use the app! Looking for a copy of your home policy declaration page? You got it! You can even file a claim or pay your bill with ease. It is that simple.

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