About Us

Our History

Our beginning centers around one very special and well-respected man, Marion“Tony” Yates.  He started this agency literally with a phone book, pen & paper and a determination very few in this lifetime will ever witness. Tony was a unique combination of wisdom, spunk and honesty and it is those qualities we strive to emulate today.   We were all shocked & deeply saddened when we lost our leader far too soon.  With his passing, however, a second generation Tony emerged… his daughter-in- law, Tina Yates.  As she says, “I am blessed to have learned the business from Tony Yates and can carry on his work and build on his legacy.  He empowered me and gave me the tools to be the best I can be and in turn help every member of our great staff to do the same.”

Photo of Tina and Tony

Our Independence

Greene County Insurance is an Independent Agent, and that’s important because we work for you, not the companies we represent.  We don’t have to worry about pleasing one company and dictating how we do things.  We have the freedom to develop insurance packages based on what’s best for you, just as you have the freedom to choose with whom to do business.

Meet Our Team

Tina Smith

Agency Principal Tina Smith began her career with Greene County Insurance in 2006 and is licensed in Property & Casualty Lines as well as Life, Health and Variable Annuities. With over 20 years of experience in business to business sales and marketing, she started as Lead Sales Agent and quickly advanced to Sales Manager.  Tina is currently Agency Principal as intended by our late Agency Principal, Tony Yates.

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Janny Moore

Janny began her career with Greene County Insurance in July 2005 as a licensed agent and currently holds her Property & Casualty and Life, Health and Variable Annuities license. With over 17 years experience, Janny has served as Agency Manager since 2007.

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Cathy Smith

Cathy began her career with Greene County Insurance after moving from Florida in May 2012.  Cathy holds an active license in Property & Casualty lines as well as Life. She has over ten years experience in management and customer service.

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Elizabeth Stocks

Elizabeth joined Greene County Insurance in 2009 after relocating from Florida.  Elizabeth had been a summer intern with Greene County Insurance for several years prior to her relocation. Elizabeth returned to Greene County Insurance this year after taking time off to obtain her management certificate. She currently holds an active License in Property & Casualty and Life.

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Edna Yates

Edna Yates

Edna originally began her career at Greene County Insurance alongside our late agency founder, Tony Yates. She explored other employment opportunities for a period of time, but returned to the agency in 2012. Edna’s responsibilities include managing the agency’s internal accounting and human resource administration.

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