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Your Belongings are Valuable. Protect them today.

People who own their own homes aren’t the only ones who need insurance. If you currently or plan to live in a condominium, apartment, dorm room or home you do not own, you need insurance to safeguard your property. In the event of vandalism, theft or a fire, your landlord will most likely not compensate you for your belongings as their only concern is insuring their own property.

Your Items Can Be Protected for a Small Price

There are several reasons your belongings are valuable. At Greene County Insurance, we understand that your personal property may have cost you a lot of money or you may have spent a lot of time securing them. Your belongings may also hold sentimental value. Having Renters or Tenants Insurance, which covers damage to your personal property, can help to recover your belongings or pay to have them replaced.


There are two types of repayment methods. Your individual insurance policy will decipher which of the two methods are used. Actual Cash Value, or ACV, is the amount your items are currently worth. If you have an insurance policy with ACV, you will be paid for your belongings according to their current condition and worth, which includes the depreciated amount. Policies with Replacement Cost will compensate you for comparable, brand new items, at today’s cost.

Additional Benefits of Renters Insurance: Liability Coverage

Additional insurance benefits are available when obtaining renters insurance. For instance, renters insurance provides liability coverage. Liability coverage can help provide coverage against injury claims that occur in your home. If someone gets hurt in your home, liability coverage can help to pay their medical payments and other expenses related to the accident or injury. Liability coverage also safeguards you against the accident or injury and provides you with legal support in the event you are sued for the incident.

Temporary Residence

In addition, there are times when a fire or other covered damages can render your home uninhabitable. In such an event, renters insurance may provide you with the means to secure a temporary place to live while your home is being repaired.

Protect yourself from losing all of your treasured belongings

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