What Insurance Coverage Should I carry on my Motorcycle in Xenia Ohio?

Getting your motorcycle license is an exciting experience. It represents more than just the freedom of the open road. There is a camaraderie that exists among individuals who ride motorcycles. One important part of owning a motorcycle is choosing the right motorcycle insurance. This may seem like a daunting task since not all insurance policies are created equal. That is why you should contact Greene County Insurance today and speak with your insurance professionals about the right coverage for you at the right price.

Besides the fact that motorcycle insurance is there to protect you, and anyone who may be involved in an accident, it is not an option to carry it. All states require individuals who own a motorcycle to at least have liability coverage. The following lists different types of coverage and why we include them in your motorcycle insurance quote.

Liability Insurance
This will cover any damage or injury caused by the driver to other people and their property if the driver is at fault in the accident. It does not cover repairs to the motorcycle.

Collision Insurance
This coverage can be added to the policy to cover damages to the motorcycle. After the owner of the policy pays a deductible, collision insurance will cover the rest of the cost to repair the motorcycle. This coverage will apply even if the owner is at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage
This coverage also applies to damages to the motorcycle. However, instead of covering damage that is the result of a collision, comprehensive coverage will protect your motorcycle if it is damaged because of things like theft, acts of vandalism, hail or fire.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Sometimes people use these terms interchangeably. However, there is a big difference between them. First, uninsured motorist coverage will cover situations where the motorcycle insurance policyholder has a collision with an at fault driver who does not have any insurance. Because of high medical costs and costs associated with repairing damaged vehicles and motorcycles, many states have mandated that uninsured motorist coverage be required in basic insurance policies. Second, underinsured motorist coverage applies when an at-fault driver’s insurance policy limit is not enough to cover all of the costs of the accident, including medical care and repairing or replacing the vehicles and motorcycles involved.

There is no way for a person to know if they will be involved in a motorcycle accident. That is why you should contact the professionals of Greene County Insurance today and allow us to research the insurance companies we represent to provide you with the coverage, knowledge, and peace of mind you deserve to get from your insurance agent. So you can get out there and enjoy “hittin the open road”.