Why Choose an Independent Agent like Greene County Insurance Over a Captive Agent?

Consumers may think that all insurance agents are alike, but there are important differences between insurance agents. Some agents are captive agents, while others are independent agents. Captive agents are those who only sell one brand of insurance. Conversely, independent agents sell insurance policies from a wide range of companies. The ability of independent agents to sell insurance policies from multiple companies presents a number of different advantages for the consumer. The professionals at Greene County Insurance are Independent agents, which means we have the ability to get you the best coverage options for the best rate since we have several different carriers we provide for our customers.

The primary advantage of working with an independent agent is the agent can help a consumer shop around and find the most affordable insurance coverage. As each insurance company sets their own rates, there are often significant differences between the rates of one company and another. Using an independent agent instead of a captive agent, will more than likely help a consumer obtain a lower premium helping them save money.

Independent agents can also help a consumer save time looking for the right policy. By using an independent agent, a consumer will not need to spend time shopping around to gather multiple quotes. The agent can get the quotes quickly from a number of reputable companies and help the consumer to understand any differences between the policies.

In addition to helping a consumer save money on an insurance policy, an independent agent can also help uncover possible discounts a consumer may be eligible for. For example, a consumer may qualify for a discount by insuring both a car and home with one specific company. Or a company may offer a discount for certain safety features that the consumer has, such as a home security system. The knowledge and familiarly an independent agent has with various companies can help him or her provide valuable information to a consumer.

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