What Car Insurance coverage do you need to carry in Ohio?

The state of Ohio does require each licensed driver to carry and maintain either an auto insurance policy or a financial responsibility bond in the event the driver does not own their own vehicle. The state minimum bodily injury limits currently required are $25,000 (injury per person) and $50,000 (total injury per accident) and property damage limit of $25,000.

Although drivers in Ohio are only required to carry the limits stated above, we highly recommend checking into higher limits of coverage as higher limits often do not cost much more than the required limits. Not only may higher limits be affordable, but carrying higher limits can help carensure you are well protected from a lawsuit which can cause you to lose what you have worked hard to earn in life, such as your home, retirement, college funds for your children, and more.

The state BMV can and will randomly select any licensed driver to show proof of insurance or financial responsibility at any time. Any driver selected in this process must show proof of either their insurance policy covering the vehicle in question for the date listed on the letter, or proof of a non-owner bond. It is best to contact your agent to provide the required documentation if you are not able to send in the required proof yourself. Contact Greene County Insurance today at (937) 374-0066 for more information.