Flexible Life Insurance Options That Fit Your Budget

Whether your situation is buying life insurance for the first time, insuring your children or grandchildren, or purchasing a product to help after retirement, we can provide the protection you need. Greene County Insurance will help you choose the right amount of insurance at a price you can afford. We offer several options:

Universal Life Insurance:

Offers flexible, competitive and permanent protection with a guaranteed death benefit along with cash accumulation. You can also customize your policy by adding riders such as Disability Income, Child Riders, Long Term Care and more!

Term Life to age 95+

Level term life policies with several death benefit limits available (minimum of $100,000 coverage) along with many choices in term periods ranging from 10 to 30 years, expiring at age 95.

Preferred Whole Life Coverage:

Traditional whole life plan fully guaranteed with several premium options available including Single Premium, Annual pay, 10 pay, 20 pay and Life Paid up at age 65. Guaranteed Insurability Benefit is available on all payment plan options. Preferred rates are attainable subject to medically underwritten submitted applications. Additional riders are also available on whole life plans. Speak to your insurance agent today to see what is available for you!

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance:

Traditional plan with broadened medical allowances for those with some mild to moderate health conditions. Acceptance into this type of plan is available unless you are confined to a hospital or hospice care and are not terminally ill. The death benefit, however is reduced if the applicant passes away within the first two years of the policy.

Graded Death Benefit Whole Life Insurance:

Another traditional plan available similar to the Simplified Issue product with a slightly different allowance for underlying medical conditions. Also in this plan, as long as the applicant is not confined to a hospital or hospice care, acceptance is available. The death benefit is reduced if death occurs within the first two years of the policy term.

Children’s Single Premium Life Insurance:

Plan offers increments of $5,000 up to $25,000 maximum.

Family Term Life Insurance:

Term policy up to age 65 that is renewable annually with a whole life conversion option.

Transitional Life Insurance:

A newly created concept in life insurance. Provides an insurance benefit with a high level of coverage during the time you may need it most, such as to cover a home mortgage loan, ending with a guaranteed paid-up policy that will continue for the rest of your life.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance:

Plan available for those who would like paid up coverage in one single payment. The death benefit is paid out tax-free.. good choice for those who may want to leave a legacy for their family.

Funeral Planning:

This plan gives the ability to pre-plan funeral services giving the individual the opportunity to include their own input for the most meaningful and unique service to reflect the life of that individual. A variety of products are available to meet one’s pre-planning needs.

Credit Insurance and Debt Protection:

Life can change at any moment.. Credit Insurance and Debt Protection coverage can help take the worry out of making your loan payments if an unexpected event shall occur that results in financial loss or hardship to your family.

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