What Commercial Auto Coverage should I carry in Xenia, Ohio?

Business owners and commercial operators (contract or common carrier) of trucks, tractors, and trailers are favorable insurance accounts for a variety of insurance companies in Xenia, Ohio. Operators of vehicles with commercial licenses have special considerations and needs beyond other automobile insureds. The following are considerations for commercial automobile insurance:


Liability Insurance – Bodily Injury and Property Damage for law suits from people you accidentally injure or their property you damage

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Liability – Pays for injuries to you by others who have:
• No Insurance
• Have only Compulsory Limits (Required by law) 25/50/25 in Xenia, Ohio
The other person’s limits may not be enough to pay you for your injuries
NOTE: Up to 25% Ohio of drivers go uninsured each year

Medical Payments for injuries to operators or occupant’s vehicles used for other than purely business use i.e. private passenger vehicles used for business and personal use

Physical Damage to owned, leased, rented automobiles
• Comprehensive or Specified Perils
• Collision

The following business use of vehicles will require a commercial automobile policy and are desirable insurance accounts:
• If you have vehicles titled to the business
• If you transport goods on your vehicles for your operation or others
• Glass Dealers and Glaziers
• The following Contractors:
–Tree Trimmers
–Other artesian contractors

• Auto Dealerships – Used and New, Franchised or non-Franchised
• Distributors
• Machine shops
• Snow removal
– Farm Operations
– Ice Delivery

Contact the insurance professionals at Greene County Insurance for any questions you have regarding insuring your business and automobiles used in your operation.