DSC_0155horiz8X10bwOur beginning centers around one very important & well-respected man

Marion“Tony” Yates. He started this agency literally with a phone book, pen & paper and a determination very few in this lifetime will ever witness. Tony was a unique combination of wisdom, spunk and honesty we can only hope to emulate. He taught many of us important Tony Yateslessons we still use to this day.

We were all shocked & deeply saddened when we lost our leader. His passing affected so many that loved him… his children, granddaughter, parents, siblings and many of us who were lucky to have known Tony. Every one of us lost a part of ourselves when we lost our Tony.

Tina SmithBut, with his passing began the emergence of a 2nd generation Tony… his daughter-in- law, Tina Yates. We are lucky enough to have been graced with another born leader with a similar spark and drive that brought us to where we are today. Tina’s strength and sincere appreciation for what Tony created, lays the groundwork for a solid foundation. All of Tony’s hard work and dedication will never be forgotten and will carry on by those of us he believed in.

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